Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Six candles

Why this country loves celebrating tragic events is beyond me.

This year's September 11 observance is the fifth since it happened in 2001. The 'Where were you on Sept. 11' stories and anecdotes is as certain as January cold in Minnesota.

Why? This day sadly should only be remembered by those families who lost loved ones, friends, acquaintances either on the ground in New York or in the air. For the rest of us, it should only be a painful reminder that our freedoms are now passe.

I feel no more secure now than I did on Sept. 10, 2001. Not because I fear terrorism, which I never did. Until I see the tanks coming down my street, then will I become more concerned than I presently am.

Rather I feel less secure and more invaded by a government, who have used the Sept. 11 attacks to pull the rug out of my security.

I no longer can fly without being searched like some common criminal. My carefully packed luggage now is ravaged through by insensitive and underpaid security checkers. I can't even bring with me a tube of toothpaste or a can of air freshener on board any more.

Individuals who speak in foreign tongues now are constantly viewed suspiciously, even sometimes forced off their scheduled flights, and questioned under hot lights -- all because people are now fearful and suffering from Islam-phobia.

The Patriot Act is more than Kate Smith singing God Bless America. It has given this government a la carte to check into yours and mine's personal business. The FBI no longer have to go to court to seek a search warrant, but instead can simply type a letter on official stationary, which gives them power to break in your house at any time, under the guise of national security.

I'm more fearful of this than a computer virus.

I'm more afraid of a lame duck president than Osama bin Laden. With all the resources supposedly at this country's disposal, we yet can't find him. When you needed him most, where is James Bond? He can find anyone and get the girl as well.

I'm more afraid of a lame duck vice-president who is more diabolical than the man one seat up from him. He and his cronies helped cooked up the plans to invade Iraq long before Sept. 11 took place.

We poured billions there ever since unnecessarily invading that country, while our own infrastructure crumbles right before our eyes. Instead of remembering Sept. 11, let's remember the Lower Ninth Ward.

We didn't prevent Sept. 11 before, even as there's evidence that we could have, what makes us believe that if something again happened, God forbid, we can prevent it. Our armed forces are stretched so thin, again we will be powerless to stop it. The U.S. has become the world's largest paper tiger, planting seeds of doubt and fear instead of Democracy around the globe.

Instead, we put six candles on the cake. Excuse me as I prefer saving my breath blowing them out.

I have no reason to celebrate.

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