Monday, January 7, 2008

Who's telling the truth now

Nothing new was learned from Sunday's CBS' "60 Minutes" over-hyped interview with Roger Clemens.

He said he never was injected with steroids by a trainer. He said he is telling the truth.

Clemens said the trainer is lying.

The only thing I got after watching it, is that Clemens can beg and whine with the best of them.

Clemens told us that he is very upset, that after 25 years of being in the public limelight as a major league pitcher, that he is not given the benefit of the doubt after his name was mentioned in the Mitchell Report. That he realizes now that in America, you are considered guilty before innocent.

Well, Mr. Clemens, welcome to the real world! Welcome to the world where most Americans, especially if they are persons of color, aren't given benefits of doubt. Welcome to the world where you can't hide behind lawyers, and written statements, and simply hope that your problem will magically go away.

Barry Bonds said the same thing, that he was innocent, when he was immediately given poster person status over the steroids controversy. He never received the benefit of the doubt either, and he also played over 20 years in the big leagues.

The big difference was that Bonds was universally hated, while Clemens was the All-American boy.

Well he is -- if you're White, well it's all right.

We also learn from Sunday's interview that Mike Wallace needs to retire. No longer the bulldog interviewer he was known for, for years. He was nothing but an overage pitcher, tossing big, juicy softball questions at Clemens, who waffled, wined and showed his so-called disgust at what has happened to him, the entire time. If Clemens was back in the National League, where pitchers bat, he could be the all-time home run king with the soft questions Wallace asked him.

No follow-up. No second questioning Clemens on why he didn't come public with his so-called innocence immediately, instead of hiding behind written statements of denial.

If the trainer lied, then why did Clemens wait almost a month after the report came out to file a suit against him. Why didn't he meet with former Sen. Mitchell and give his side of the story during the investigative stage?

Why didn't Wallace grill Clemens, asking him for dates and times on what he supposedly was injected with? Why didn't he ask the pitcher for examples, some proof that would give me reason to offer the doubt benefit he feels he deserves?

What did we learn from the Wallace-Clemens interview Sunday? Both men needs to retire.

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