Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Can we get back on track

Is this presidential campaign about makeup or issues?

Sen. Barack Obama's so-called "lipstick" remark wasn't about Gov. Sarah Palin. We all have something like this, including Sen. John McCain, to talk about saying something crazy or bad and trying to dress it up as something fresh and new.

But the McCain campaign's outrage over this smells like Karl Rove. It's stinks!

Using CBS' Katie Coric's earlier remark about sexism during Sen. Hillary Clinton's primary campaign in their latest ad attacking Obama, is another Rove tactic that McCain is using.

But didn't Palin started all this mess with her asinine comments about the difference between herself, a so-called hockey mom, and a pitbull.

"Lipstick," she gladly told the GOP convention folk last week.

However, I am not looking for the next president's Max Factor knowledge; rather I am looking for an extreme makeover.

Am I hearing this so far? Not from McCain. Not from Palin, who's getting more celebrity treatment from the media than anything Obama supposedly received.

What happened to the high road campaign McCain earilier promised that he would conduct? It went out the window as soon as he chose Palin as running mate. She has been on the attack ever since her selection.

Like a pit bull . . . oops!

And just like Obama shouldn't, I won't apologize for this.

Isn't it time to get back to the pertinent issues: economy, health care, education and post-working security? Isn't it time to stop playing up to the crowds, the folk that is going to vote for you anyhow, and tell me something about how as president, you are going to make things radically different than the last eight years of lies and deceit, or

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