Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A dangerous person in tow

It has been only a week since the election, and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin already acting like she's the 2012 GOP presidential nominee.

We found that Palin played Daffy Duck to John McCain's Bugs Bunny in her role in helping him lose the election. Yet she boldly wants to blame others, including the media and George Bush for the defeat. She accomplished nothing but dealt America's looking at a woman for national office a serious setback because Palin was far and away not qualified.

Instead of heading back and be the governor of Alaska, Palin is dealing with election day hangover with veiled declarations that she will be the Republicans' new standard bearer, allowing her intoxication with fame and flirtation with power that she was exposed to for the last three months totally consume her.

The last time I read, we have a new president. The 2012 campaign haven't commence as yet. But Palin foolishly has thrown her hat in the ring.

Palin is a dangerous person. Don't let the "aw, shucks" shtick fool you, like she is some 21st Century Jed Campett, when instead she acts more like Mrs. Drysdale.

As a conservative, Palin preaches separatism as she blindly defines who's "a real American" and using Mr. Magoo directions, point out to us where the "real America" is when she can't tell us what Africa is, what countries make up the North American free trade agreement or the titles of the magazines she reads.

Her idea of diversity, as she proudly claim, is her family, which is all White. This explains why Palin is the first Alaskan governor to not have a single person of color in her administration.

As an evangelical Christian, Palin during the campaign props up Joe Six Pack, which I believe refers to someone who drinks beer, like they were Jesus Christ.

She claims to be a soccer mom, but used a GOP-issued credit card to go on a shopping spree like she hit the lottery, then play it off like she's entitled.

She was supposed to be No. 2 on the Republican ticket, but Palin self-appointed herself queen, and played Marie Antoinette, virtually stabbing McCain in the back at every opportunity. The O'Jays' "Back Stabbers" should be her theme song.

If she can do this to friends, what'd you think Palin will do to her enemies besides name calling and false accusations.

And don't rule out Palin, either appointing herself as U.S. senator if and when current Sen. Stevens is booted out, or running in a special election, using this to get back in the national spotlight.

Memo to the spotlight operators: please pack up your equipment and run away from her as fast as possible. Stop giving her any air play -- Palin is a non-factor. We have turned the corner.

Honestly, moose isn't the only ones who should worry about this Manchurian candidate, who is acting like she's the shoo-in for the next election, which is over four years away. Palin rather should stick to running her state.

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