Thursday, September 18, 2008

Vikings coach bailed out

Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress caved in worse than a house of cards by benching starting quarterback Tarvaris Jackson. This bail out is nothing compared to what the federal government recently did with ING and the Mae's, but the head coach's action tells you something about the man.

His word is about as good as a three-dollar bill.

All off season long, Childress told the world that Jackson was his QB. Then two games into the 2008 season, the coach pulled the starting rug right from under the young man's feet. Instead, Childress names journeyman Gus Freotte as starter for the remainder of the season, much to the delight of Vikings fans, and more importantly, the Twin Cities media.

Jackson's vote of confidence from Childress lasted all but two games and barely 48 hours.

Childress cowardly bowed to media pressure, many of whom never was high on Jackson in the first place. Now they can go around with dislocated shoulders from all the back patting they're doing.

These media second-guessers or every morning quarterbacks essentially forced Childress to switch quarterbacks, and the coach responded in kind. He sent a clear message that whenever the Twin Cities scribes say jump, Childress doesn't ask how high, but instead just bends over and start kissing their feet. It's easy for him to do that because based on his latest decision, Childress has no backbone.

It's common knowledge that pro quarterbacks usually take longer to develop, learning to correctly read the myriad of defensive schemes thrown at them, which are not seen during their college days. There has been few QBs who have come into the NFL that prepared.

The brothers Manning struggled before they got the right offensive line, backfield and the right coaching and tutorage to properly mold them into their now great selves.

Should we attribute Jackson's struggles to the same? I would, but most of the local scribes would beg to differ. Did Jackson play all 22 positions in the two Minnesota losses? No.

Is he solely the blame for the defeats? Depending on who is asked, will determine the answer to this question.

If you ask the local scribes, they'd say yes. If you ask Vikings fans, they'd say yes.

If you ask a head coach who months previous said that Jackson was his man through think and thin, that he'd back him all the way, Childress' recent actions also would say yes.

I feel for Jackson, not that he lost his starting job, but how again can he trust the head coach, now knowing that when the heat is on, Childress is outta there looking for cover.


Anonymous said...

You are an idiot, Hallman.

First off, this was not Childress' decision. This was Zygi Wilf's decision. He told the head coach to go make a change. You really think the head coach is going to make a decision based on scribes and fans tell him? C'mon. Do some reserach, but then again, you claim you don't watch Vikings football anymore so it's hard to take you seriously. Also, could it be that the players decided they want a change? You are not in the locker room.

Also, what's with you always bringing up race in your blog and the Spokesman-Recorder? You accuse Minnesotans of being racists. You accuse the Twin Cities media for being racists. If you hate Minnesota, why don't you get the fuck out of here?

I fault Childress for putting Jackson in a position to fail. The guy was not ready to be a quarterback. He is going to be good one day, but having him play right away is not the way you develop quarterbacks.

You make George Jefferson look like a human being. I am surprised you don't call white people "honkies"

Anonymous said...

One more thing. Your comment on Lavelle E. Neal III in one of your blog entries was a disgrace. You took a shot at him when you mentioned about Delmon Young played music that described blacks as the n-word.

Charles Hallman is a staff writer with the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder. said...

Dear anonymous: You are quick with the name calling, which quickly defeat any kind of meaningful dialogue. And it's Mr. Hallman to you, thank you very much. Not one time did you read anything about racism. That is your inference. But again if you want to take pot shots at me, be a man, or woman and use your name. Oh, by the way, you use hate so flippedly, then maybe you need to do some soul searching. And comparing me to a TV character is pretty lame as well. I call White people, White people -- what do you call them? Then again thank you for reading.
Charles Hallman